Buxton Public School

We care

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About our school

Our school provides for children's educational needs in a happy, stimulating and caring environment. We have a strong focus on student wellbeing, consistent with our school motto: ‘We Care'. 

The school's curriculum provides many forums for children to be involved in music, sport, dance, art, debating and public speaking. A large variety of leadership opportunities are available and all staff work closely with students to fully develop their potential. The school is a member of the Wollondilly Communities of Schools and participates in PSSA sporting events and the Wollondilly Performing Arts Festival.

Buxton Public School sees itself as playing a vital role in the community and is committed to a strong involvement within our community. We work in partnership with our parents in providing the best environment we can for our students. Parents and community members are involved in the school through a variety of opportunities including: classroom support, P&C participation, cultural and awareness nights and parent/teacher evenings.

Our large site, in rural surrounds allows us to capitalise on the school's environmentally friendly design. We have a strong environmental focus and are continually setting benchmarks for eco-friendly initiatives.  The school has a strong transition program.  All of our Buxton children are welcome to attend with well established integration programs, supported by experienced staff, available to cater for our special students. The staff work closely with our local high school to ensure a smooth transition for students as they move onto their secondary education.

The aim of Buxton Public School is to build a culture of enquiry and thought in our students in a climate of passion and excitement where education is valued and which prepares future citizens and future minds.