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Positive Behaviour for Learning

Students within the school will have many opportunities to receive public and private recognition for appropriate behaviour.

1.    Individual recognition is through the presentation of Paws and BFF’s for a variety of positive classroom and playground behaviours. 

2.    Students will earn paws for following the learning behaviours of being; Safe, Resilient, Responsible and a Learner

Please refer to the following flowchart for further information.


Rewarding Positive Behaviour

Teachers reward and recognise students who follow the rules in a variety of ways through encouragement and regular feedback to students.

The Principal may also award students with a merit award at their discretion for exemplary behaviour or participation in school activities.


Every Monday morning the school assembles to present and congratulate students who have earned wristbands and badges.

Fortnightly, our Wednesday School assembly recognises Excellence in Learning with awards to 3 students from each class. Awards are presented for Maths, English and Wellbeing.

Medals and trophies are presented to students at the End of Term Celebration of Learning Assembly.

Recipients are also congratulated in our newsletter.

Our core values are represented by


Meet our mascots for PBL. Barkley visits the students on special occasions during the year.

Buxley is a student reward and can be taken home for the weekend and the diary is a record of his adventures with the student.